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WCD Patcher 1.44

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The latest version of WCDPatcher

WCDPatcher is a tool to create your own custom Pokemon Mystery Gift distribution ROM's, just like the ones at Nintendo events

Change log (1.44):
-Removed the Nintendo Logo CRC generation, it's also never changed
-Program now terminates correctly, bug present in all past versions
-No longer requires admin privleges to run

-Removed the (unencrypted) Secure CRC generation, it gives a white screen in newer versions of AKAIO and this area of the rom is never modified anyway.
-Added option to not change the game distribution setting from the original .pcd
-Fixed zero out 'date recieved' introduced in 1.43b so it actually works
-Reduced the size of the .exe by about 70% by using standard Windows icon sizes
(note: unofficial version by arablizzard2413)
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