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VGMtrans 9_29_09

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VGMtrans is an audio hacking tool. It is capable of generating midi and DLS files as well as parsing SDAT and extracting components as is. Some now use vgmtoolbox instead but that lacks DLS generation.
Source included.

From the readme
VGMTrans converts a music files used in console video games into standard midi and dls files. It also plays these files in-program. The following formats are supported with varying degrees of accuracy:
-Sony's PS2 sequence and instrument formats (.bq, .hd, .bd)
-Squaresoft's PS2 sequence and instrument formats (.bgm, .wd)
-Nintendo's Nintendo DS sequence and instrument formats (SDAT)
-Late versions of Squaresoft's PS1 format known as AKAO - sequences and instruments
-Sony's PS1 sequence and instrument formats (.seq, .vab)
-Capcom's QSound sequence and instrument formats used in CPS1/CPS2 arcade games
-Squaresoft's PS1 format used in certain PS1 games like Final Fantasy Tactics (smds/dwds)
-Nintendo's Gameboy Advance sequence format

Change log (9_29_09):
Update -- project taken back up by loveemu and now has a github,

Unknown. This should be the last version made though.
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