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TinyTrimmer (Windows Version)

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I started this project a few days ago, due to the fact there's no decent trimmer for Linux
I've got a Windows Port too, so if you don't like the fact the other trimmer doesn't use the Windows Common Controls, you can use mine!


The aim of TinyTrimmer is to be a fast, cross platform trimmer.
It trims as perfectly as possible - including Wi-Fi block detection
Currently Supported: Windows, Linux (GTK2)

This release Trims, and that's it. Sharp-eyed users may notcice
the "Scan ZIP" and "Scan RAR" options. They are currently disabled
but will work in a future release!

Either Drag+Drop ROMs/Folders into the window or Use the Folder
Browse Button. Then hit trim. Done

For advanced users / scripters, a command line version is included.
Run it without parameters for help.
Try the "turbo" option! In my opinion, this is the most useful.

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