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SkinnyRom 1.3

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Fitzbean has released a new easy-to-use ROM trimming tool that allows easy drag and drop trimming and batch processing. It's light weight and should be a useful addition to any ROM users tool collection.

-drag and drop
-specify path to output (or have it automatically output to same directory the rom is in)
-safe trim
-specify appending text
-specify byte jump
-settings saved session-to-session via xml
-uses unique method which involves working from the end of the file backwards, and jumping x bytes until it finds the end of the rom complete with double and triple checks to ensure there's never any over-trimming.
-much fast than M3s trimmer.
-does not use header information so this will work with ALL games.
-rollover hints for most of the functions of the program

Change log (1.3):
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