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Save File Type Converter 1.8 Alpha

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UniqueGeeks Offline Save File Type Converter 2.6 Alpha
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This program was developed for those who wish to convert their save files offline, rather than having to go to the online one.
It uses a similer inteface, and supports conversion between the following save types:

Save File Formats
Action Replay DSi
Action Replay Media Edition
Acekard 2
Acekard RPG
EZ Flash V
RAW Format
M3 Simply
Supercard CF
Supercard DSONE
Supercard SD
Top Toy DS
M3 DS Real
G6 DS Real

System Requirements:
-.Net Framwork 2.0
-Windows (Vista or 7 prefered, XP may or may not work)

Change log (1.8 Alpha):
v1.8 Alpha: Allowed size change of any format (very helpful for Action Replay saves); Started Working on a system to automatically load the Game name if a rom with the same name exists in the same directory. This feature will be visible during the Beta version.
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