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Save File Type Converter 1.5.2

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UniqueGeeks Offline Save File Type Converter 2.6 Alpha
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I have made a program that uses a complex system to convert save files, but it is very simple for the end user.

It is programed in such a way that others can create programs that can be used with this to help extend its functionability. Read the Developer.txt for more infromation conserning this.

Supported Formats in V1.5.2:
Acekard RPG | EZ Flash V | RAW Format
Acekard 2 | CycloDS | EDGE | M3 Simply | NinjaDS | R4 | Supercard CF | Supercard One | Supercard SD | Top Toy DS
ARDS Media Edition(US)
DeSmuMe (*.dsv)
G6 DS Real | M3 DS Real (*.0)

There is currently no auto-detect for Raw saves yet.

V1.5.2: Raw Save to DeSmuME conversion works now
V1.5.1: Fixed bug in G6 DS Real / M3 DS Real (*.0) support
V1.5: Fixed potentially fatal error, packaged with support for G6 DS Real / M3 DS Real (*.0)
V1.4: Modified program to add save file formats from the list files, AND search the relative dorectory for them. I also packaged support for DeSmuME *.dsv files. Credit to Inferno

Change log (1.5.2):
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