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Rom Manager for CycloDS & DSTWO 1.2

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This is a Rom Manager for the CycloDS & DSTWO, but will work with other carts that allow you to freely copy files. The key feature of this program is that it reads archived rom files in either .zip or .rar format and copies the .nds file to your cart without having to manually unzip them. It also will show you which archive any rom on your cart came from.

There are other features like backing up save files, updating firmware, adding cheat updates, showing rom sizes, and deleting roms. Please read the included manual for more info.

This new version will automatically recognize if a firmware or cheat update is for the CycloDS or DSTWO cart and copy the updates to the appropriate folders.

Change log (1.2):
v1.2 Major Update

- Added ability to copy cheat updates to cart
- Added support for Supercard DSTWO
- When selecting cheat or firmware from the menu, the program will automatically identify if a CycloDS or DSTWO archive is selected
- Changed minimum supported resolution from 1024x768 to 1024x600 for better netbook support
- Added menus across top of the page

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