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Pokemon 5th Generation Evolution Editor 2.1

It can edit the evolution off all 649 pokémon over Pokémon Black and White.
You can chose by load a NDS File, or a Narc File (More info on the Read-Me File).

I strongly advide you to load NDS files ONLY if you have a CLEAN ROM (no EXP FIX Patch, or Translation Patch).
If you have a pathced game, then you have two choises: Extract the Narc file from the Game (Info on the Read-Me File) or Get a Clean Game, Edit wath you want on the Editor an them patch the game.

You will need .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 to run the Program.

Change log (2.1):
Corrected the Bug in Level Up Chargestone Cave, Level Up Pinwheel Forest and Level Up Twist Mountain evolutions that didn't allow to read or edit that type of evolutions.
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