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Online NDS/GBA Save Converter 1.0

It is questionable whether or not I continue to host the NDS and GBA Online save converters. Right now, they're hosted on, which expires after a few months. And I uploaded this package, well, a few months ago. If anyone wants to host the Online NDS and GBA save converters, here's the package. Adapt it to your ASP.Net website if you wish. (Should be pretty simple, just put a user control on a page.) PM me* if you want to host this, and I can direct your way. If no one hosts them then I might give up at some point and have everyone use the offline version.

*PM Uniquegeek at GBAtemp or evandixon at I don't use anymore because all of the spam.

Oh, and I think this is the version that supports plugins. If you download the offline version, you should find info on how to make a plugin. Just stick those in the appropriate folder in the bin folder.

Change log (1.0):
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