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NSBTXExtractor 1.0

A tool that can parse NSBMD files (one of the main 3d formats on the DS) and extract textures from them.
The readme
NSBTXExtractor.exe [-nc|-ms|-bn] (filename)*

By default, when no model data is found, a confirmation is required if the names of the textures and palettes are to be used to try to determine the correct couplings.
If that is not possible, or denied, it is asked if a manual coupling is desired (using a GUI).
Also, at the end of the program, a press on the Enter key is required to complete the program.

These confirmations are removed if the option -nc is given, and the default 'Yes' is used when applicable.
If the option -ms is given, you will always be taken to the selector.
If the option -bn is given, it is always attempted to match the textures & palettes by name.
Only one of the options is allowed.

Note that the amount of filenames, separated by spaces, can be as large as desired.
The easiest way to use this program is to drag & drop a matching BMD0 and BTX0 file (or nsbmd and nsbtx, or only one of them) onto the executable.
Currently, only one texture section is allowed inside the set of files, as well as only one model section.
Also, it will not work properly (if at all) if the model does not match the texture.

Change log (1.0):
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