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Nitro2DLS 0.4

A tool to make DLS files from SDAT files, DLS is a popular format for storing instrument data among audio professionals and hackers alike.
Note this program is written in Adobe air so you will need the relevant runtime for your machine-

The readme
Nitro SDAT to DLS converter

This little application converts the instruments from a Nitro Composer archive (known as a "SDAT";) into the standardized DLS file format that professional synth software understands.

Known limitations:
* Pulsewave and noise instruments are not converted
* ADSR curves are not converted
* nds files with more than one sdat file will need to be manually unpacked if the first found sdat file is to be converted.
* Sequence specific settings are not converted

Made in 2012 by Henrik "henke37" Andersson.

Remember that instruments and their samples are copyrighted material.

Change log (0.4):
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