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NFTRedit 1.9

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A font preview and editing utility for the Nintendo DS NFTR format
by DarthNemesis

-- Instructions --

[Text Preview]

First, open an NFTR file to load its font data. There are three supported
encoding methods:
- Shift_JIS, a standard encoding used by many games (default).
- Raw mode, which will read hex data copied directly from a hex editor.
- Custom, where you can create a tbl file and assign characters to each tile.
You can edit the tbl file in a text editor (Unicode format), or assign
characters to tiles one by one from the Character Map.
Once the file is open and you have selected an encoding method, start typing
(or pasting data from a hex editor) to preview the text in the game's font.

[Tile Dumping and Importing]

Select File -> Dump Tiles to create a bitmap containing all of the tiles. You
have the option of either saving it to a bitmap or copying it to clipboard.
You can then edit it in your graphics editor of choice (MAKE SURE YOU USE THE
SAME COLOR PALETTE) and import the tiles back into the program.

[Character Map/Tile Editor]

Select Tools -> Character Map to display all of the tiles supported by the
current font. Mouse over a tile to view information about it, or click a tile
to make it editable. The properties that can currently be changed are:

- Character: The character assigned to the tile in your custom tbl file.
- Tile: The tile image itself.
- Width: The width of the character in pixels.
- Offset: The number of pixels of empty space to add before the font.
- Next Offset: The total number of pixels, including whitespace, between the
start of this tile and the one following it. Will generally
equal width plus offset.

To change the pen color, you can use the slider bar above the tile editor or
the mouse wheel.

Click Apply Changes before closing the window or selecting a different tile,
or your changes will be lost. Don't forget to save the NFTR file (and your
custom table, if you assigned characters) when you're done.

Change log (1.9):
Changelog since previous version on filetrip.
1.9 Added support for v2 fonts (extra 4 bytes in FINF section)
1.8 Copy/paste between instances, auto apply, fixed length/padding bugs
1.7 Enabled copy/paste on character map with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V
1.6 Added support for vertical fonts, fixed a crash caused by small fonts
1.5 Added support for variable character padding
1.4 Added Unicode and added support for small & crystaltile2 fonts
1.3 Added ability to resize tiles, fixed error when minimizing window
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