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NDSTokyoTrim for Mac OS X 2.5 Beta 2 (April 7, 2011)

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Here is a copy of NDS Tokyo Trim 2.5 Beta 2 (April 7, 2011) packaged in a Mac OS X Wine wrapper (packaged using Wineskin). Because it contains all the Wine wrapper files, the expanded file is 150+ MB. In addition, it takes about 30-45 seconds between double-clicking the application icon to the point that the application window is displayed, but once it's running the speed is fine. I made this file because I couldn't find a decent NDS trimmer for Mac OS X (I stopped using Rominator when it stopped being developed). The application runs fine on my Mac running Mac OS X 10.6.6. You may need to have X11 installed (I do). Per the original developer's instructions, "No 7zip for win9x and Linux/osx" (

Change log (2.5 Beta 2 (April 7, 2011)):
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