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Multi-Save Converter-Renamer 0.2

Multi-Save Converter-Renamer v0.2
By Destructobot.

This is a set of Windows batch files that will convert small raw save files from emulators and flashcarts (512 bytes, 8KB, 32KB, 64KB, etc.) to the larger raw save files used by more recent flashcarts (128KB, 256KB, 512KB). GBA and NDS saves are supported.

These scripts can also be used to rename save files from .sav to .0 and vice-versa, useful when transferring saves to or from the G6/M3 Real or G6 Lite.

Usage is very simple. You select all of the saves you want to convert, you drag, you drop, the saves are converted. There are no settings and no confirmations. No existing files will be deleted or overwritten, the new files will be placed in a new folder next to the input files.

These scripts work under Windows XP and Vista. They do not work under Windows 9X. They have not been tested in other versions of Windows.

See the Readme.txt file for more detailed information.

Change log (0.2):
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