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MS2 Skin Previewer 1.5

A simplistic (and possibly slow loading) moonshell2 skin previewer, based off of Eatitup(Zweigart)'s M3Sakura Skin Previewer, allowing moonshell2 skinners to preview their skin without needed to compile and place the .skn file in a flashcart. If you find anything wrong (images misaligned, stray glitchyness, etc.), please tell me and possibly give me a screenshot for misaligned images.

To use, just place the unzipped files someplace nice =D.

Note: Thank Twiztidsinz for finding the glitch, for he ended up losing valuable time and work when he unsuspectingly encountered the glitch.

Change log (1.5):
-Added Change Wallpaper Button (text will not show when wallpaper is changed, I'm too lazy)
-Added Change DSi/DS theme Button
-Added Image Settings 1 & 2 tabs in Messages.### Editor
-Added Media Player tab in Messages.### Editor
-Fixed 1/2 of a glitch
-Changed Select .skn button (now uses .ini and .skn)
-Removed Select Skin Folder
-Added Inverse DSi Theme
-Added Hatsune Miku DSi Theme
-Anything else that I may have changed...(I don't really remember what I changed anymore xD)
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