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MKDS Course Modifier 2.1.1

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I making a MKDS Course Modifier:

What I have so far:

CARC/NARC reading and writing to 2 paths deep.
NKM Editor (Not Completed)
KCL Viewer (Not Completed)
NCGR, NSCR Viewer (NCGR is editable)
NSBTX Editor
NSBTP Viewer (Included into the NSBTX Editor)
NSBMD Viewer
LZ77 Decompress and Compress
NCLR Editor with PAL import and export
BMG Editor
BMD Viewer
NDS Support
BNCL and BNBL viewer.

Note: Sometimes I haven't added a filetype to the file type list in the open dialog. So, try some files with all files.

The NKM Viewer has a zoom function and on the map can you see the bottom screen icons of the objects.

Hotkeys NSBMD Viewer:
^ = rotate up
< = rotate left
> = rotate right
v = rotate down
w = wireframe
f = another texture rendring (2x press is the best at the moment)
z = translate left
x = translate right
a = translate up
s = translate down
scroll-wheel = zoom

I will give credits to the creators of:
•ChadSoft's CTools
•NSMB Editor
•PG4 Map
•NFTR Edit
•SM64DS Editor
•Nitro Explorer

Because I used some code from them (with some little changes of me).

Change log (2.1.1):
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