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M3Sakura Make GUI

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M3Sakura Make GUI
by Logue

This file is a program for changing so that other hardwares may start the M3 Sakura firmware which cannot be started by any hardwares other than M3REAL and M3 Sakura.

1, First, g6dsload in the system directory of M3Sakura is put into form.
2, Click Execute button.
3, A success of operations will output m3sakura.nds.
4, Finally please apply a dldi patch to M3Sakura.nds each one, and copy to a memory together with a system directory.

Original program by Rudolph. This program run also by Vista.

This does not support X firmware. The M3Sakura firmware cannot perform starting of commercial ROM. However, it is if startnds.ext in somewhere is put into a SYSTEM folder...

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