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FatPatch 1.0

There is a known problem with Moonshell 2 on all version up to v2.10beta2
that can affect MicroSD cards >= 16Gb which can cause corruption of data etc
(Especially on AceKard2 CycloDS & DSTT)

Xenon++ has created this 'patch' to repair this Moonshell2 problem

I've uploaded it here as a Mirror in case 'mediafire' server goes down

Change log (1.0):
Quoted from Xenon++ post

You should know gba_nds_fat has a bug that corrupts the last cluster.
Sometimes we want to use old tools, but this bug is so bad.
Therefore I have created a patcher.

Currently CheckDiskNDS/DSOrganize/MoonShell2 are supported.
Well, this is must-have for those who loves MoonShell
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