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DSTwo Skin Editor 0.100609

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Skineditor for DSTWO-EOS - created by blastar

- not at the same level as DSONE-EOS-skineditor but it's completely rewritten
- partially translated (i used files from DSONE-skineditor), please help me!
- i do not know how to use 'progress_bar.PNG' & 'progress_wnd.PNG' -> loaded and saved but not used (yet)!
- only for official skins (UI-Folder) yet...
- more updates & options soon...

- fixed colors in cheat-screen
- added textwidth (filetype, filename, foldertext, cheattitle, cheatcleartitle)
- fixed some render-bugs

Change log (0.100609):
- added 'save preview'
- added 'user game' -> get icon & informations from *.nds (zipped too)
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