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A tool that attempts to add cheats to a ROM so you can use cheats and things like slow motion (standard CPU flood slow motion) on a cart/emulator that does not support the cheats or if you simply want cheats hardpatched into the ROM.

Earlier versions (up to 4.3.4 which should also be available here) include options like DEADBEEF padding which could be used to find free areas of memory. The later versions should do better at adding cheats to the games though as well as supporting twlsdk games (mainly those with DSi abilities and such like).

Change log (5.1):
Since last version on filetrip
DS Auto Trainer Maker (DSATM) v5.1

Fixed a bug where codes with Windows formatted returns (CRLF) text wouldn't get loaded properly (most noticeable when pasting from the clipboard

Added support for games built with twlsdk

Icon displays when you load a game

Old versions
Increased buffer sizes to prevent crashing when long cheat codes were loaded

This is a major update.

Loading cheats from R4 formatted USRCHEAT.DAT
Loading cheats from the clipboard
Listbox to select cheats from

DEADBEEF padding
RAM dump analysis
Simple/Advanced mode changing
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