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DS Skin Maker 0.48

The newly released DS Skin Maker!

Growing from my M3 Skin Maker, I decided to completely rewrite it and support considerably more programs. The current list of supported firmwares/programs is:

- AKAIO - (8 preview screens)
- CycloDS - (5 preview screens)
- DSision
- DSision 2
- DSTT/TTDS - (3 preview screens)
- DSTwo - (23 preview screens)
- M3 Kaura - (6 preview screens)
- M3 Sakura - (20 preview screens)
- M3 TouchPod - (7 preview screens)
- Moonshell 2 - (23 preview screens)
- R4 - (4 preview screens)
- Wood
- YSMenu - (1 preview screen)

In the case of skins using SKN files (Moonshell and the M3s), the program fully supports the ability to extract and compile these files

If you would like to help in the production of the Previews, or notice any bugs, please visit the external discussion.

Thanks to CannonFoddr and jurassicplayer for the images, ideas and some previews.

Change log (0.48):
- Changed wood logo (thanks jurrasicplayer)
- Added YSMenu preview (thanks CannonFoddr)
- Added DSTwo "Real-Time Menu" mode
- Updated DSTwo previews
- Greatly improved the quality when the program drops bit depth from 24-bit or 32-bit bitmaps down to 16-bit.
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