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DS ROM Organizer

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DS Rom Organizer is a tool for Windows that is designed for making management and organization of your Nintendo DS Games easier. It allows you to easily store your games in the application, view all of its information, organize the way you want, and even get them transferred over to your “Device” with the press of 1 button.
To make management easy, many different features have been implemented into DS Rom Organizer to enhance your experience:
Flexible Layout. Create it your own way.
CD / DVD / HD / ISO Burning
Black List
Custom Favorites
Auto Save Queue
Multi Threaded
Auto program updater.
Organize your game lists the way you want in as many lists desired
Sort or filter based on game data (such as name, number, size, country, etc)
Multi Select
Auto Website checker
Supports nds, zip, 7z and rar
Ability to view game information
Official game database updated Daily
Verify your games to make sure they will work properly
Game Trimming to get rid of empty space in your games
Save Game backup for your precious save files
All Kinds of Device options.
Multi Language
Import / Edit games that are not recognized by the official game database
Import Covers/Images/Info files straight into the Database. No more 1000’s of files all over the place
And much more!
These are just some of the features of DS Rom Organizer.
To learn more, please check out the Help Section on the website
It contains almost every option that is available in DS Rom Organizer.

Please note that DS Rom Organizer or it’s author does not condone or support software piracy in any way. DS Rom Organizer is meant to be a tool to be used for the games you legally own and have backed up using your own tools. Please do not ask where these games can be illegally obtained; if you like the games, support the developers and purchase the games for play, Just like I did.

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