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DS Game Maker Free 5.12

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With DS Game Maker, you can make all sorts of games using just your mouse and keyboard. You can make platformers, puzzle or arcade games - in fact anything you like. DS Game Maker allows you to make intelligent and attractive games.

Change log (5.12):
Changes & Fixes
Fixed 'Duplicate Object' functionality'
You can use a small display for the actions list. See 'Options'
Majorly improved game efficiency by enumerating object identifiers! There may be many compile errors with your project unfortunately because of this.

Minor Tweaks
Removed 'Duplicate Event' functionality on the right-click menu
List of Scripts for a 'Script' argument in an action does not contain ,1 or ,0 at the end of each item
Removed the 'Add Path' button for now
Removed the redundant 'Eternium' font
'Not Equal to' is available as a comparator.

Dynamic BASic
Spaces at the end of lines are trimmed to avoid parsing mistakes (type being 'Integer ' and not recognized for example).
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