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DS Game Maker 5.12

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DS game maker is an application for cutting out the leg-work in creating an interface in PAlib. It will generate the code for making it look right, but you will have to use c to breath life into the game.

Change log (5.12):
Changes & Fixes

* Fixed 'Duplicate Object' functionality'
*You can use a small display for the actions list. See 'Options'
*Majorly improved game efficiency by enumerating object identifiers! There may be many compile errors with your project unfortunately because of this.

Minor Tweaks

*Removed 'Duplicate Event' functionality on the right-click menu
*List of Scripts for a 'Script' argument in an action does not contain ,1 or ,0 at the end of each item
*Removed the 'Add Path' button for now
*Removed the redundant 'Eternium' font
*'Not Equal to' is available as a comparator.

Dynamic BASic

*Spaces at the end of lines are trimmed to avoid parsing mistakes (type being 'Integer ' and not recognized for example).
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