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DiiGiiTaLDPG 1.0 Stable

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DiiGiiTaL DPG is the Next generation version of BatchDPG its better and Faster
and easier to use.

DiiGiiTaLDPG needs some things to work perfectly

K-Lite Codec


Look on the sites for the latest versions keep it updated to get the best results.

© DiiGiiTaL 2013

Description inherited from version 0.1 Beta

Change log (1.0 Stable):
Version 1.0 Stable (Big Update!!!)
-First Stable Version!!!

-Updated the "Update button" (It works Now!!!)
-Updated Mplayer to latest version
-Updated MeNCoder to latest version
-Added the "Filetrip Site" so you can manually update it without opening your browser (Still need Internet Connection XD)
-Added Refresh Button to the Update GUI
-Added Forward Button to the Update GUI
-Added Back Button to the Update GUI
-Added Search Button to the Update GUI
-Added Stop Button to the Update GUI
-Added Home Button to the Update GUI
-Added New Song
-Added Russian Translation :D (Translated By OrGaSmMeThOdSz)
-Added Romanian Translation :D (Translated By DuTchTraNSLaTionZ and DiiGiiTaL)
-Updated The Dutch Translation :D (Edited By SySTaX and DuTchTraNSLaTionZ Translated by DiiGiiTaL)
-Updated The IntroScreen (Now Its Loading the files better :3)
-The "False file" = loading file if you delete it it will be automaticly generated back the next time you open DiiGiiTaLDPG (Its no Virus)
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