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Decimal Hexadecimal Converter 1.1

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Decimal Hexadecimal Converter 1.2
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This converter is slightly different from most because it updates in real-time so it's slightly better than a simple Windows Calculator...Even though it can be used for other things besides NDS, it limits the hex inputs to 8 characters and decimal inputs to 9 characters which is the highest for current-day generation hacking.

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Change log (1.1):
- Version 1.01 should be slightly faster
- Auto-Checks for illegal characters
- Changed the "About" so it looks more organized
- If an illegal character is typed it doesn't get submitted
- Instantly converts the current decimal or hexadecimal number
- Removed the message box that alerted whether or not an illegal character is typed
- User inputs doesn't get erased/cleared like in Version 1.00 when an illegal character is typed
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