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CycloEdit Professional 1.0

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General Features

* A complete tool to compliment your CycloDS Evolution flash cart
* A new, powerful tabbed interface (new to Pro!)
* Automatic detection of CycloDS Evo cards plugged into the system (new to Pro!)

CycloDS Evolution Configuration

* Easy access to ALL configuration options of the CycloDS Evolution card
* Access to hidden and undocumented features of the CycloDS Evolution
* An at-a-glance look at your CycloDS Evo configuration

CycloDS Skin Manager

* Easily manage your skin collection
* Quickly add skins directly to your card (you don't even have to unzip them)
* Preview skins with icons and text with colors (new to Pro!)

Backup Tool (new to Pro!)

* Never lose those SAV and RTS files again - a powerful back up tool will keep you safe
* Perform FULL microSD card backups, or selective file backups (i.e. just backup .SAV files)
* Automatic date-based-folder keeps multiple backups easy to manage
* Use your own backup locations for maximum flexibility

ROM File Deployment (new to Pro!)

* Powerful deployment tool offers maximum file structure flexibility
* Copy an assortment of file types to your deployment folder (ZIPed, trimmed or untrimmed NDS files, etc)
* Safely trim game roms as they are deployed (save up to 49% space on your microSD card)
* Deploy text files for in-game reading with special formatting and powerful options for reading on the DS

Product Update Tool

* Get the latest updates delivered and installed for you
* CycloDS Evolution firmware, cheat file and even CyloEdit Professional itself are covered.
* Option to only get stable releases, or get the latest hot betas.

MicroSD Card Tools

* Get an at-a-glance look at your microSD card
* See a visual indicator of your available space
* View a detailed breakdown of files and space used on the microSD card
* Refresh your card to prevent fragmentation (new to Pro!)
* Dupe checker helps keep your card clean (new to Pro!)

Change log (1.0):
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