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Cheat Creator Package 1.0

This is just a compiled package of programs that I use to make cheats for games. Theres no manual or readme on how to make the cheats, so you'll have to find that else where, this is just a compilation to get you started.

This Package contains:
No$GBA 2.5c
No$GBA 2.6
Renegade64 (English Version)
HasteDS131 (English Version)

These are all preconfigured to run games with best compatibility and at the highest speed possible for hacking purposes. No$GBA was configured to use RAW saves and not compressed saves which are more compatible with flashcarts (I suggest using to convert them as needed). Also sound is disabled in No$GBA which increases the game;s performance and speed.

Renegade only supports No$GBA 2.5c (NO$GBA.EXE) while HasteDS supports any version of No$GBA which is preferred for the latest enhancements in No$GBA 2.6.

Load No$GBA and load the NDS file of your choice and then start one of the memory editors included in the package which include Renegade64, Emulhaste and HasteDS (Recommended).

At any rate, enjoy.

Change log (1.0):
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