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"What is BAGASM?" you might ask. Well I can tell you what it's not! It's not a sandwich, or an amazing massage. No, it is merely an interpreter for a language I have created similar to the general syntax that Assembly languages may follow.

What does this allow? Well for one, you don't have to setup and deal with the finicky development environment,the DSTwo SDK, to create content for the DSTwo! All you need is a regular text editor and the PC or DS2 version of the interpreter to get started.

PC Interpreter you say? Yes that's right! Due to the nature of the language, I was easily able to create a PC version of the same interpreter that runs on the DSTwo. This allows for the easy and fast testing of your amazing creations without the need of constantly transferring files to your DSTwo.

The DS2 interpreter loads files via ARGV so a menu such as Imenu or BAGPlug are required to load the .asm and .basm files.
To run the DS2 version on BAGPlug, simply:
-copy the two .arg files in the DS folder to /_bagui/ext,
-then copy BAGASM.plg to your sd card
-edit the two .arg files to match the program location to your current path of BAGASM.plg
-Then browse to your .asm or .basm files and click them!
The PC interpreter can be launched by the ASM.bat file, with the asm file specified as the first argument.

Detailed description here:

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