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Automated YSMenu / Moonshell2.02 Installer 1.7.0

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TTYSMenu v1.7.0
by Logue
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1, Introduction
This software installs YSMenu and Moonshell2 beta1plus1 for DSTT, AceKard2/i, and R4. As for the version of the firmware contained in this installer, in DSTT, 1.17 and Akmenu are 4.15. Moreover, Moonshl, the Boyakki's Anti Fake-killer patched DSTT v1.17 firmware and Yasu's R4 1.18 custom firmware is also contained.

A bug is shown in a component selection screen as ever.

2, Supported Language
The language installed in an adapter turns into a language set up at the time of installer starting. It becomes English when language does not exist.

Japanese / 日本語
French / Fran

Change log (1.7.0):
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