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AKAIO/ Wood R4 Save Manager 1.3

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AKAIO/ Wood R4 Save Manager 1.4
This quick tool will allow you quickly backup saves, rename *.SAV to sav, rename *.nds.sav to *.sav and rename *.sav to *.nds.sav. It will backup saves to 'My Documents\DS-Saves\[Date]\[Time]' or you to a 'Backup' directory on your MicroSD card.

AKAIO 1.7 uses lowercase file extensions for it's save files, it won't see those with uppercase file extensions. AKAIO 1.5.1 and earlier used uppercase SAV if the ROM filename was 8 characters or less long

The Official Acekard software normally uses *.nds.sav while AKAIO normally uses *.sav.

Wood R4 uses .nds.sav for save files, where as most other R4 firmwares use .sav.

Before renaming, it will backup all save files to 'My Documents\DS-Saves\[Date]\[Time]'.

It should be able to identify your MicroSD card. All saves in root directory of your card will be renamed, and also all those in directories beneath will be renamed. If you have your games in folders, just run renamesav and it will rename the saves in all the folders.

This will not rename an already existing *.nds.sav to *.nds.nds.sav.

Change log (1.3):
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