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AK2YSauto AK2 4.21FW

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AK2 YSauto AK2-4.21FW
based on:
ak2ysauto (2008 10 21)

How to customize YSMenu:
1. Download
2. Place in the folder where is ak2.bat
3. Run ak2.bat
4. Follow instruction
5. Extract to microSD

info for ak2.1 defecrive:
tested some pure roms wont work, freez, wont save
fifa10, infinite space, king kong, nfl 09, bowsers story (pure and xinji version),
operation vietnam, picross 3d, galactrix, racedriver c&e, sonic allstar racing

more info & discussion

ceteksretek 2010 April 07

Change log (AK2 4.21FW):
- uses so theres no need to rename to previous version
- USRCHEAT.DAT (2009 12 08)
- ak2_sd.dldi form AK2 FW 421_20091217
- akmenu4.nds form AK2 FW 421_20091217
- font aka system (u2l,l2u,fon,ank) version dstt-kernel-ttmenu-os-v1.17-english
- START button menu show created custom zip file name / version No.
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