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Sekirei (Miya) 3

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So finally for Sekirei (at least for this first seson) the last theme of Miya, What would her real power be ??? What exactly is the Sekirei project ??? all this questions will be answered in the next season hopefully. Personally I'm looking forward to the next Sekirei season XD! But meanwhile I will be doing several Code Geass and (R2) themes, in the same format as these Sekirei ones, by Character like: Kallen, Milly, Shirley, Viletta, CC, Cornelia (The hotties first LOL), and Lelouch-Zero, Suzaku, etc.

Extract all from .rar to your "_system_" folder in your R4DS...

PS: If you want me to do themes for any other anime please don't hesitate to ask :)

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