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Pure Sakura 1.2

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well there was this skin i found while websurfing on the japanese sakura site...

it was instantly my new favorite skin...but it wasn't in english.
it was just too good of a challenge to pass up.

so with no prior photoshop or any kind of art program knowledge, just an idea, i translated this skin.

(it wasn't impossible since most of the would be super hard stuff was in english.)

i digress however, i present to you "pure sakura"
(i don't know what its name is overseas...or if it has a name...)
(i believe it is the default skin for the asian sakura localization.)

all that aside, please enjoy the skin.
comments and constructive feedback are well appreciated.

oh, by the way i also included the source files from which i made it.
i may not update this skin, so community feel free to make improvements if you see fit to do so.
i can only do so much...haha.
if you have any ideas for me...check my profile.
PM me
Email me
No Spam please.


Change log (1.2):
Wednesday December 30, 2009
*recieved community update for skin (bucow)
*discussed future changes

Saturday January 30, 2010
*finally got around to uploading it
* restarted work to attempt for more colors
*any help on this matter from community is open for discussion through PM
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