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Otakupack03 3.0

An otaku icon pack for iMenu users =D.
There are a total of 100 icons so far (I'll be adding more as I go along),
currently 12 homebrew icons, 12 SNES icons, 13 NES icons, 16 miscellaneous icons, and the rest is obviously for otakus.

Homebrew: A Question of Promise, Bloxavoid, CaveStory, ComicBookDS, Don't Get Crushed, DSMetronome, MunkyBlocks, NegativeSpace, Pocket Physics, SavBackup, ScribbleJump, Waimanu
SNES: Bahamut Lagoon, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Earthworm Jim, EVO Search for Eden, Live A Live, Megaman X, Megaman X2, Megaman X3, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Tenchi Muyo RPG, The 7th Saga
NES: Battletoads, Bionic Commando, Darkwing Duck, Double Dragon I, Double Dragon II, Double Dragon III, Ducktales (2 versions), Ducktales 2, Felix the Cat, Little Nemo - The Dream Master, Little Samson, Ninja Gaiden I

Miscellaneous member icons (in the miscellaneous folder):

Change log (3.0):
-Added 23 otaku icons
-Added 1 homebrew icon (ScribbleJump)
-Added 13 miscellaneous icons
-Added 13 NES icons
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