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NDS Skin

An NDS-like skin for the DSTT TTMenu.

Note that the skin the in "default" folder has been optimized for the RGB15 color palate and to allow for the "Ewin" icon that was added to later versions of TTMenu. The files in the "Colors" folder are the original colors that have not been optimized.

The "Colors" folder contains alternate colors. You can replace the files in the "default" folder with the ones from the color you want, but note that these have not been optimized!

To change the TTMenu skin, delete the "TTMENU/skins/default" folder on your microSD card and replace it with the "default" folder in this archive (i.e. drag the "default" folder of this archive into the now empty "TTMENU/skins" folder). The skin folder must be named "default" in order for it to work.

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