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Moonshell v2 Stable Full Skin Pack

This contains all skins of Moonshell 2 for the Stable Version. This pack contains

-Simple (Black Text)
-Simple (White Text)
-Pikachu "i"
-Mario "i"
-Yoshi "i"
-Link "i"
-Samus "i"
-Sonic "i"
-Luigi "i"
-PipBoy 3000
-M3 Sakura
-A Different Snow
-Windows Se7en
-Windows Vista
-Blue PS3 XMB
-Red PS3 XMB
-Kingdom Hearts
-Zelda by Geocool
-The World End With You
-Final Fantasy III
-Metroid Prime
-Windows Seven (French)
-God of War
-FFXIII Versus
-One Piece
-Dragon Quest IX
-Mac OS X Leopard
-XBOX 360
-The World Ends With You Alternate

Note, some may be of a different name.

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