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MicroSE DS Skin.MSE

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New version:
[new] Seperate graphical engine. (MicroSE.ImageControl version completely written in C# :D
[changed] Do not reload the whole DS frame unless it's needed. (Faster..)
[changed] Advanced screenshot ability is disabled if there is no DS Frame loaded
[bugfix] Crashbugs when there's no DS frame found
[bugfix] Wrong path displayed in the SkinBrowser.
[bugfix] Correction in Languagefile (Dutch) Auter instead of Auteur. (Thx to JexxeL of
[bugfix] Correction in Languagefile (English) 2x "Author".

[changed] Syntax-languages in .MSE is finished
[changed] .MSE Framework rewritten in C#

You need .Net 2.0, .Net 3.0 or .Net 3.5 to run it.
You are not allowed to place the software on your own site, you may link to the download page @ MicroSE:

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