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M3DS Real Black OS w/ Animated Icons 1.0

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M3DS Real Black OS v1.0

Relatively clean & simple skin that I'm using on my own DS Lite presently. I've added animation to the icons, based on the skinning guide from the M3DS Real team.

Animated Menu Icons

These seem to slow down the loading time on the main menu considerably. By default, I've included short "pulsing" animations for each icon. To enable longer animations, copy the bitmaps from the included "" archive into the main skin folder.

Screens for "Loading" and "Creating Save File"

These screens reside in the SYSTEM folder of the M3DS Real's firmware, not in the skin folder. I've included new versions of these two bitmap image files in the SYSTEM folder within the main zip archive. These tend to create a more complete feel to the skin, so I prefer to use them.


This skin is primarily a collection of images from other skins on this site.

Digital Vista by InsaneNutter
- Menu frame & navigation frame images, with modified Tabs images

PracticalDS 1 by mystrey2010
- Top background image, which is also used as the basis for the "Loading" and "Creating Save File" screens

DS Firmware Silver by lilaznkilla
- Main menu icons -- colours changed for "on" icons, "off" icons are now grayscale, and animation added
- Grid for main background image -- colours inverted
- File type icons

Hope you guys & gals enjoy it!


- Sam

Change log (1.0):
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