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M3 Sakura - Skin - Vista L1 0.2

Thumbnail 1 for M3 Sakura - Skin - Vista L1
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It's more simple than it seems...I only tried to achieve a skin which is to my liking so I used some vista style basics (there are some skins using the same elements...but they had each some things it didn't want) combined with semi-transparend/lucent self created backgrounds.

It's not yet complete (only 30% - aka the things you see if you only use gba/nds games on your m3 - are done, audio-/videoplayer and most buttons are unchanged atm) but there is coming more.

Change log (0.2):
- new progressbar
- replaced loading pics for games
- new screensaver to match skin (only bg!)
- small logo-change for settings-bg
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