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*M3 Sakura* DS OS 0.8

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Okay, first of all.
This is my first skin.
I know the Morning timer-like aplication (when standby with music on, or reading a document) isn't skinned yet (well, not totaly).
But I just don't have any inspiration for it anymore.
Also, I don't have it for the other stuff that still need to be editted.
But it will all come tomorow, or the day after.

Okay, now about the skin.
When the Sakura was just hacked, I thought it would be a good idea to make a DS-OS-like skin.
'cause on the Real firmware, I really loved it. (Can't remember who made it though)
So, this is just a DS-OS themed Sakura skin.
And make sure to check the movieplayer, it's my pride!

Credit's go to Mercanary96, I used his first skin he made for sakura (the one with only 20% translated or something) as a "base".

Hope you'll like it!

Edit: Fixed a transparancy bug.

Change log (0.8):
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