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Greyscale for R4/M3

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Like it or hate it, have another skin!

I think I'll just let the readme do the talking about this.

CODEMinimal. Basic. Greyscale.

This skin is intended for R4 and M3 Simply carts.

In the skin folder, alternate logo images are included
so that a user may display his own flashcarts logo
instead of the skin name.

-= v Releases v =-

-- Release 1 | 08/04/07 --
I do not own an R4/M3 so therefore this skin
has not been tested. There will likely be a second
release since there could be a problem with it.

-= ^ Releases ^ =-

Files belongs to AshuraZro but any user is free and
welcome to edit the images and cfg in almost any way as
long as I am credited for the original files in any
included documentation.

The only way that I wish for this skin to NOT be edited
is that I do not want any one slapping their name
somewhere in these images. I did not do it because I
consider it to be shoddy and I dislike it when other
people do this. It's a skin, not a name tag.

This skin is intended for GBAtemp. If you are going to
upload this skin to another location, please do not add
or remove files. Including this readme.

Not copyrighted in any way 2007 :D

P.S. Dirtie is 7

Wasn't that a fine read?

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