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EZGame & Watch 1.1

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this is my (helloha's) entry into the 2010 EZ5i skinning competition on GBATemp. My skin is based off of the Game and Watch line of handhelds that Nintendo made starting in the 1980s. The majority of the skin was made in MS Paint (everything except for the animation, which was made in GIMP and MS Paint). The skin took approximately 12 hours to make. This is my first EZFlash skin, or skin for any flashcart for that matter.
Most of the Mr. Game and Watch icons in the skin are based on sprites by Tanman (, though they were modified by me. The launch button is labeled GAME A in reference to the Game A and Game B in the game and watch systems. The upper screen is made to look like a game and watch lcd screen.

Change log (1.1):
Compiled in latest version of EZ Skin Forger.
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