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EOS PokeGear(Team Rocket) 1.0

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Hey guys, Omega_2 here, here's something I frantically spliced together over the
course of 4 days, just in time for the American retail release of Pokemon Heart Gold
and Soul Silver which will be later today(12am 3/14/2010 on the Western United States as I'm writing this)
Anyway, I present to you, a SuperCard DSONEi theme for use with the very nice Evolution OS
Team Rocket PokeGear theme FTW
Usage instructions:
(X will be what your microSD drive is recognized by your computer as)
1. Clear the contents of

2. Copy archive contents of HGSS over to

The ONE thing I wasn't happy with was the processbg.bmp, as I couldn't use true black
for the uppermost bar, but hopefully, it's not too noticable.

Without further ramblings, enjoy.
Any feedback can be left at the page listed and is appreciated.

Change log (1.0):
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