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DStwo Custom Icons Multi-pack 1.0

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125+ Plug-in Multi-pack

these are my SCDStwo custom plug-in icons and homebrew boxart.
There are 3 packs included.
• Official Plugin Icons. Contains two styles, one with the standard border around the images, and a set of frameless icons that take advantage of the entire 40x42 for nice larger pics.
• iMenu Icons. Full set of icons meant for use with spinal_cords iMenu.
• BAGPlug. Contains a pack of custom icons, and a set of homebrew boxart

note: the .nds files are NOT included....
however, the homebrew download links are provided in the pack.

Some renaming might need to be done for the homebrews to match their plug when using the official plugin menu, ie:

3D shooters: Wolfenstein, Doom, Heretic, Hexen
Descent, ROTT, Duke3D, Quake, Quake2
Apps: Animanatee, Colors, ComicBookDS,
DSdictionary, DSbible, DScratch, FractalJunkie,
MiniVmac, ZogNC, NitroTracker, PocketPhysics,
SamplingKeyboard, ChuckNorrisFacts, Etch,
Mario Paint Composer
Arcade: 1942, 1943, Aemioda, Bombjack,
DragonsLair, GhostsNrun, GreenBeret, MarcaDS,
MrDo, DSPack, Pang, SnowBros, SolomonsKey,
SpaceInvaders, puzzleKlax
Emulators: Atari2600, Coleco, DSx86, Lameboy,
GBA, Genesis, MSX, NeoGeo, NES, Scummvm,
SegaMasterSys, SNES, Turbografx, VectxDS,
Frodo, Wonderswan, PomDS, StyxDS, Frotz
SpectrumDS, NeoPop(NeoGeoPocket)
Games: LoneWolfSeries (FlightFromTheDark,
FireInTheSky, CavernsOfCalte, ChasmOfDoom,
CommanderKeen, DSGoo, REminiscence,
JNKPlat, KnyttStories, Lemmings, Starquake,
StillAlive, Tic-Tac-toe, Touhou, Tyrian, WordFind,
X-RickDS, Anguna, CNHacker, ManicMinerLL,
LodeRunnerOrigine, Nethack, Warhawk, Powder,
Spout, RipholesInRubbish, Blockman, CubeDS,
LineWars, RedTemple, GeoWars, MissileCommand,
SpaceImpakto, TetattDS, WarcraftTD, TetrisTerror,
VideoGamesHero, Inside the Machine, giana sisters,
15th Floor, ScoggerNDS, Supaplex, puzzle klax,
No Place to Hide, Take the Eggs, MarbleDS,
Everlasting Love, Johnny Platforms Biscuit Romp,
The Detective, OMalon, Minesweeper (DSmines),
Jelly Blocks, Puissance 4,
5nake, Neoplat
Media/internet: Bunjaloo, ClIRC, DSOrganize,
DSFTP, DSHobro, Moonshell2, DSlinux, DS2Win,
BeUpLive, Facebook

For even more BAGplug boxart/icons, check out these made by 2-bias

Change log (1.0):
06/12/11 made attempt at template for BAGplug icons.

06/12/11 Added boxart for DSTwoSkinInstaller, iReader, slot2_nds, and SunOL.
Also added BAGplug icons for iReader and slot2_nds

06/08/11 Twelve new Boxarts for BAGplug:
arPackDS, Arsenal, Avoider, Boondoggle, Chronoclon, DSSpeech, Fireworlds, Mr.Robot, PokeMini, RedTemple, RetroRocket, Space1

05/29/11 fixed a few glitches in custom icon transparency colors

05/27/11 minor fixes and detailing

05/25/11 Boxart for Atari5200, Atari7800, FrodoDS, CanyonBomber, Earthshaker, Warhawk, and Gravity Force.
Made Bagplug homebrew icons for; FrodoDS, GravityForce, and SonicOrbit

05/18/11 Focused on BAGPlug homebrew boxart: more extensive color clean-up, rogue pixil murdering =P, and some minor additions/alterations.
Looking pimp, if i do say so myself ;)

05/14/11 Nothing "new", but did lotso clean-ups to BAGplug boxart. Also updated the boxart extensions to include .nds/.plg for newest version.
Removed [original] icons to save upload space.

04/17/11 Mucho worko..spent the day making shiney shiney iMenu styley icon sets for the official[NEW borderless] pack, and for BAGplug custom icons[NEW]

04/17/11 Updated BAGplug custom icons for the Mame4all set, GBA, and iMenu.
Cosmetic fixes to BAGplug homebrew boxart.

04/10 Added BAGplug boxart for Etch, NitroTracker, PocketPhysics, TicTacToe, Wordfind, and WorldOfSand.
Added BAGplug custom icons for Mindmaze, Etch, BlockmanGets, revamped SegaMaster.
Also a lot of boxart clean-up for uniformity.

04/09/11 added BAGplug boxart for Mame4all, GBA, and iMenu. Also fixed up several boxart pix to look cleaner.
Added BAGplug custom icons for .plg files (to go in favorites menu).

04/06/11 changed BAGplug icon extensions from .png to .nds.png to comply with release 3

04/01/11 converted BAGplug custom icons extensions from .ico to .png to comply with release 2-9

03/30/11 added BAGplug homebrew boxart.
Organized pack into folders representing each plug menu.

03/01/11 started iMenu icons for specific NES and SNES roms (for nesDS-Ex and BAGSFC versions that have direct game booting ARG support)

02/28/11 converted my AKAIO homebrew set to .ico for use with BAGplug

02/13/11 revamped iMenu icon pack to shiny shiny b3 styley.
edit: quick update to add MAME icons and DS2x86

02/05/11 icons for ScribbleJump added

01/24/11 added Menudo icon (standard, borderless, iMenu)

01/22/11 added Etch back to 'apps' folder, it works as of eos 1.09

01/20/11 painstakingly converted entire icon set to be functional with iMenu beta2

10/04/10 added
Minesweeper (DSmines)
Jelly Blocks
Mario Paint Composer
Puissance 4 (Connect 4)

09/26/10 removed Etch plugin (it needs nitrofs) to a 'NotWorking' folder, untill it can be used as an alt icon when the DSTWO sdk version is released

09/25/10 added Etch plugin

09/09/10 program links for all plug-ins are now provided in the download

09/08/10 added #5 of theLoneWolf series: ShadowOnTheSand

09/07/10 re-up...fixed a handful of.bmp title discrepancies in borderless pack =|

18 icons added:
Inside the Machine, giana sisters
Chuck Norris facts, beuplive
SpectrumDS, 15th Floor, ScoggerNDS
Supaplex, NeoGeoPocket (race DS)
puzzle klax, No Place to Hide
Take the Eggs, MarbleDS
Everlasting Love
Johnny Platforms Biscuit Romp
The Detective, OMalon, Facebook

DS2WinFusion, DSFrotz, ChasmOfDoom(LoneWolfSeries) , NDS_TGM_20080815 (TetrisTerrorGrandMaster), VideoGamesHero

07/25/10 GeoWars, MissileCommand, SpaceImpakto, TetattDS, WarCraftTD

07/18/10 added LineWars, RedTemple, Wonderswan, PomDS(appleII), styxDS(atariST)

07/17/10 added Frodo(c64), BlockmanGets, (rubiks)CubeDS, RipholesInRubbish, SpoutEx
also fixed minuscule glitches in lemmings and msx

07/09/10 fixed a couple of spelling errors

07/08/10 NetHackDS, Nitrotracker, PocketPhysics, SampleKeyboard

07/05/10 Zognc (scientific calculator)

07/05/10 removed Treasures of Gaia as its useless as a plug-in

07/04/10 LoadRunnerOrigine, WarhawkDS, Powder, VectxDS

07/04/10 Anguna, CodenameHacker, ManiacMinerLostLevels, and DSLinux.
working as of 1.03, so all were added to their respective folders

06/28/10 CommanDSkeen, XrickDS(RickDangerous)

06/26/10 DSbible,
also plugs for LoneWolf gamebook series; FlightFromTheDark, FireOnTheWater, CavernsOfKalte

06/21/10 Heretic(slot2_nds), Knytt Stories, TouhouDS, Bombjack, GhostNrun(ghostsNgoblins),MrDo, SnowBros, Solomons Key, ..and misc fixes

06/12/10 Gameboy, GBA-NDS
revamped SegaMasterSys

06/11/10 - organized icons into categorized folders for convenience

06/05/10 - ComicbookDS, Pang, Still Alive, ClIRC, msxDS, ScummVM

06/03/10 - DSx86

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