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[DSTWO] CircuitNebula Skin SUITE 2.0

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This download includes the circuit nebula skin, a circuit nebula themed launcher skin, matching gba skin, and a loading screen. Plus some nice instructions I wrote up.


Instructions reposted here:

To install the skin, copy the circuit_nebula folder to x:\_dstwo\ui
'x' being your microsd card directory

To install the matching launcher skin, copy the plug folder over the old one located at x:\_dstwo\plug
To install the matching gba skin, copy the gui folder over the old one located at x:\NDSGBA\system\gui\

loading.bmp is the loading screen you can manually install using this tool by stormwave (much credit goes to him for that)

I have also included a DSGAME.nds (for eos 1.03) which already has the file embedded, however this will become outdated with each EOS update, you can use the above method if you want to do it yourself. this goes at x:\_dstwo\ and it should overwrite the old file

Change log (2.0):
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