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DSi Skin for Dsision2 1.0

A remake of the DSi skin included with Dsision2, with many new features, such as DSi menu icons, correct colour schemes and labels etc.

[note: the Pikachu photo is my property, so don't.... mess with it]

A readme is included [you'll definitely need to read that] and a customizable top screen [.PSD included].

Thanks for downloading [if you're downloading]!

Btw: this is my first post, let alone my first skin, so please keep that in mind when you critisize... ;]

Change log (1.0):
Possible improvements:
+ add (R) Camera
+ fix some files
+ centre file information text
? try and move date/time
? change Dsision2 font

+ DSi menu icons [+ extras]
+ new photo on top screen
+ changed colour scheme and cursor text
+ added username and volume icon
+ minor details e.g. (L) Camera
+ new 'Settings' screen
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