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DS Moon-Firm 2.0F

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This skin brings the classic look of the Nintendo DS firmware to your Moonshell!

I built this skin back before the release of v2.0 of Moonshell. I don't know at what point the skin system changed. A pre v2.0 Moonshell is recommended for this skin. If your build of Moonshell didn't come with a skins folder, then that likely means its a newer version that used a different skin system.

I consolidated v1.0 and v1.1 (1.1 was simply a small fix to the boot animation and c_text.bmp file).

After 6 years, I randomly decide to correct this the right way and release it as a full standalone version. You do not need any previous version of this skin to use this one. Just download this skin and it will replace whatever old version you got and if you don't have a previous skin, it won't matter since this one has all that you need.

I'll leave this file unlocked so other users can submit new versions.

If you want to improve this skin and update it for version v2.0 of Moonshell, I invite you to upload it as an update of this skin. ;)

Change log (2.0F):
Merged versions 1 and 1.1. There wasn't anything wrong with the startup/shutdown files, so I didn't have to hunt them down. This version has the fixed boot animation and c_text.bmp files. You do not need a previous version to use this.
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