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DontPanic[DStwo] 1.0

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this a complete theme set based on the multi-genre media, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

- EOS skin
- Plug-in skin
- NDSGBA skin
- NDS-SFC skin
- matching loading screen (DSGAME 1.07)
- .ds2skin package for easy installation

i recommend using my borderless icon pack along with this theme set.

Change log (1.0):
09/29/10 updated loading screen to 1.07

09/26/10 did a slight rearrange of the EOS top screen.
made more space for 'game name:'

09/19/10 updated loading screen to 1.06
- remade NDSGBA skin,
- added NDS-SFC skin
- added .ds2skin package for easy installation

07/02/10 updated loading screen to 1.03

06/13/10 changed NDSBGA font to comic sans
changed 'new' to 'load' (cuz itmakes more sense to me)

06/12/10 added NDSGBA, and patch/cheat/in-game menus

GUI:lightened up the grey backgounds, did some upper screen text placement rearranging, and fixed the internal name from being cut off

Plug: changed the entire color scheme to match the gui skin better
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