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Angel Luv Sexy Skin RC

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Angel Luv theme by Alexander Whimsy
Completed 9/9/12 for AKAIO 1.8.9 using default fonts.
Original image from: SmoothGirl Magazine #19

LoLa Monroe, also known as Angel Luv, is a mixed Trinidadian and Ethiopian woman from Washington D.C.. She got her start in various hip-hop videos and worked as a model before releasing her fist mixed tape in 2009 and later staring as Mona in 50-cent's "Before I Self Destruct".

While her acting and rapping skills are debatable and highly questionable, her assets are not. I first discovered her while browsing I love soft brown skin, big ass, beautiful mixed girls, and underground hip-hop. Checking her out while listening to some J-Live, Moka Only, Otherized F.A.M, Hilltop Hoods, and this list goes on and on until the break of dawn, went together like honey and uops.

This theme started out as something extremely simple, over 2 years ago. I am no Photoshop master; I've actually never really used Photoshop. This entire theme was done by editing pixel-by-pixel with The result is a masterpiece that retains its beauty even on the larger DSi XL screen.

The choice of color has a meaning, but you'll never know because you ain't me. Spark up a blunt, play your favorite 90s hip-hop album, and let your 3rd eye wander... maybe you'll figure it out.


Change log (RC):
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